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Creating Your Memory

If you have been directed to this page it is because we have made hand and feet casts of your little one, and the next step in getting them home to you is to choose your colour preferences.

Unless otherwise advised, we will have made two sets of freestanding casts (both hands and both feet, twice), which will be presented in a gift box.

Please complete your contact information, and select your colour choices from the drop down box below.

Remember to ‘Submit Your Request’ at the bottom of the page. You will then see a confirmation message to show it has been successfully submitted. If you do not see this message it may be that a required field has not been correctly filled in and you’ll need to complete this field and hit submit again, until you see the confirmation screen.

We will then email you within a few days to confirm your request is being processed and we have all the information we need.

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Parents Name
Childs Name

Colour Options

Please note: Please select a colour option for each set of casts.

Note - 'High Shine' options are best suited to display only, such as framed behind glass or placed on a display shelf where they wont be regularly handled. The oils in our skin can tarnish the finish of High Shine paints when touched or held regularly.

All other options are coloured using guilders wax, then sealed with a hard wearing gloss varnish. These have good durability so can be handled and held often without damage to paint finish.

angel casts colour options

Cast Colour - 1st Set
Cast Colour - 2nd Set

We endeavor to finish your casts within 6-8 weeks of your request being submitted.

This is largely due to the fact that casts need this time to fully cure and dry before they can be painted, to ensure they are of the best quality and will last a lifetime.

We will contact you as soon as your casts are ready, and arrange for either collection or delivery then.

At any time you're welcome to check in on the status of your casts by emailing Jen at for an update.