Aimee’s Story

angel casts aimees story

When I was 26, I found out I was pregnant with my 1st baby, this was something my partner and I had both been waiting for we had brought our home and made sure we were financially stable we had done everything we thought was right. I remember being so excited we finally made it passed the 12-week mark that all parents are nervous about and yay we made it!

Unfortunately, 6weeks later my nightmare started.

I got home from work and was laying on the couch exhausted from my day and I got up to walk to the bathroom , and just out of the blue my waters broke all over the lounge floor, absolute fear and sadness just filled my thoughts and I couldn’t believe it no way this is way too early !! (PROM)

My partner wasn’t quite sure what was going on I told him take me to ED right now I knew this wasn’t good.
Once we were there I was taken in straight away and a scan confirmed that there were no longer waters in my womb with baby which as we all know is vital for a baby’s lung development at that stage.

I was admitted into hospital That night, and after a week of tests and counseling I decided to give birth to my baby as the risks and complications that come with holding onto the pregnancy were to much for myself and my baby

I was extremely upset but I knew we were doing what was right for everyone involved it was the hardest decision we have ever had to make so far in life .

The day I had her my sister-in-law told me of this amazing lady named Jen who created memories for family’s I was afraid that my baby would be too small but she captured the most amazing little hands a feet I have ever laid my eyes on. She was so perfect. I remember her tiny little fingernails and toenails her cute button nose and tiny little ears!!! My little baby girl! Ella-Rose

Today I am 31and I have an amazing 4-year-old son, since having him I have had 1 miscarriage and 2 ectopic pregnancy i am currently at home recovering from surgery from my 5th pregnancy I had to have my right tube removed but I was able to keep my ovary.

Life is so unexpected! My only advice to people is don’t give up, don’t wait too long, you never know what obstacles life will throw at you .

Thanks Angel Casts team xxx we really appreciate what you do to help out family’s like mine xxxx

Love to all and just remember you’re not alone x

Aimee xx

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